• Production plant

    All our production is carried out in Castello d'Agogna (PV), via Canada 5.

    Gommatech is one of the main producers of rubber articles in Italy.

    Our products are used in the most varied sectors from automotive to footwear, from industrial to agricultural.

    We collaborate with large companies, including subcontractors, and have many years of experience in the rubber product molding sector.

  • Our products

    We produce items such as:

    • bellows;
    • suction cups;
    • bushings;
    • flexible couplings;
    • vibration dampers;
    • anti-vibration feet;
    • rubber soles;
    • rubber plugs;
    • anti-seismic devices;
    • rubberized chains for transporting products on industrial lines.

  • Sectors of use

    Our articles are used in the sectors of:

    • automotive;
    • shoe manufacturing;
    • anti-seismic construction;
    • rail-tram transport;
    • industrial and agricultural handling;
    • industrial soundproofing and anti-vibration.

  • Production machinery

    We have injection and compression presses with hot plates and dimensions up to 1200x1300mm which allow us to produce any item, both in small and large quantities, to the customer's design, at his request and need, even exclusively and with maximum confidentiality .

    Our experience leads us to increase our production offer according to the particular demands of the market.

  • Mold design and manufacturing

    We employ professionals who are experts in the design and manufacture of moulds, in this way we can carry out in complete autonomy and at the customer's request any product or detail needed, in the shortest possible time, thus avoiding problems relating to the quality of the products.

    In this way, the customer will only have us as a single figure, from design to creation of the product.

  • Quality and finishing

    Each item is produced by us with high quality raw materials and particular characteristics that make the final piece suitable for the most varied needs of use.

    We take care of the entire production line, from the raw material to the actual finishing of the product thanks to the use of specific machinery.