We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of rubber items in the Italian market.

Our products are used in the industrial, railway, agricultural and naval sectors.

We design and produce any type of rubber item upon customer request and requirement.


"GT" series suction cups

Our GT series suction cups are used for various uses, in particular for lifting glass, lifting marble, lifting iron plates and lifting any other product with a smooth surface.

"Sucon GT" Anti-vibration Feet

Our Sucon GT series anti-vibration feet are used for anti-vibration, machinery leveling, rigid supports and isolation of sound frequencies

Other specific products

In addition to our main products, which make us experts and best placed in this sector, we produce other specific high quality products, upon customer request, in various strategic sectors such as automotive and agricultural vehicles, rail, tram and naval transport, earthquake-proof construction , hydraulics and product transport on industrial lines