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n. 30 Silicone gaskets for water collectors dim. 27x17x2mm

n. 30 Silicone gaskets for water collectors dim. 27x17x2mm

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Red silicone gasket/washer measures 27mm x 2mm internal hole 17mm.


- External diameter 27mm;

- Total thickness 2mm;

- Internal hole diameter 17mm.

Main features:

- Heat resistant (180 degrees celsius);

- Oil resistant;

- Fuel;

- Waterfall;

- Resistance to ozone;

- Resistance to atmospheric agents.

The red silicone gasket can be used in various sectors thanks to its excellent characteristics, in particular it can be used for connections to hot/cold water manifolds.

Robust and resistant to wear and tear thanks to the quality material used.

Excellent heat resistance, up to 180 degrees.

Single price for pieces of 30.


Our products are used in the sectors automotive , rail and tram transport, anti-seismic construction sector, industrial handling, industrial soundproofing and anti-vibration. In particular, we deal with the molding of items such as vibration dampers, rubber plugs, bushings, vibration dampening feet, suction cups, bellows, flexible couplings, anti-seismic devices, rubberized chains for transporting products on industrial lines and any other product upon request and requirement of the customer.


Made in Italy


Shipped within 24-48 hours of receiving your order.



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