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Anti-vibration feet with nut "Sucon GT" series all sizes

Anti-vibration feet with nut "Sucon GT" series all sizes

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Anti-vibration feet in vulcanized rubber "SUCONGT" series, adjustable and used in particular to avoid the transmission of machine-ground vibration and to level the supporting machinery.

Available on request in various sizes and hardnesses, for any type of load, from the lightest to the heaviest.

Each vibration dampener is specifically designed to avoid the transmission of vibrations depending on the HZ of vibration, in fact each type of vibration must necessarily correspond to a different hardness (SH) of the compound.

The price is indicative and is upon request after contact via email depending on the quantity and type of compound.

Main features:

- Strong anti-vibration power, if subjected to load these anti-vibrations are able to absorb the vibrations and weight of the machinery/motor;

- High quality and long-lasting rubber material;

- Resistant to low and high temperatures;

- Simple and efficient, avoids damage to the surface following vibrations/knocks from machinery;

- ON REQUEST: nuts for housing of any size.


Our products are used in the sectors automotive , rail and tram transport, anti-seismic construction sector, industrial handling, industrial soundproofing and anti-vibration. In particular, we deal with the molding of items such as vibration dampers, rubber plugs, bushings, vibration dampening feet, suction cups, bellows, flexible couplings, anti-seismic devices, rubberized chains for transporting products on industrial lines and any other product upon request and requirement of the customer.


Made in Italy


Shipped within 24-48 hours of receiving your order.



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